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Traffic Ticket Attorney Serving Baldwin County, Alabama

A traffic ticket, while seemingly minor, can have significant implications for your driving record, insurance rates, and even your livelihood if you accumulate too many points.  

At Kesling Law Firm, we understand the impact that traffic violations can have and provide diligent, personalized legal services to our clients. Our lawyer, Joshua G. Kesling, is committed to offering guidance, support, and effective defense strategies to protect your driving privileges and your future. 

We emphasize the importance of educating our clients about their rights and the legal processes they will encounter. So when you work with us, you'll never feel uninformed or out of the loop.  

Our traffic ticket attorney has over 17 years of experience handling a wide range of traffic offenses, from speeding tickets and red light violations to DUI charges and reckless driving. If you're in or near Baldwin County, Alabama, contact us today for the knowledgeable support you deserve. 

Traffic Violations in Alabama

Traffic violations in Alabama encompass a broad spectrum of offenses that can lead to fines, points on your driving record, and increased insurance premiums. Some violations may also result in more severe consequences, such as the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. 

Alabama employs a point system to monitor and penalize drivers for various traffic violations. Each type of violation is assigned a specific number of points, which are added to the driver's record upon conviction. Accumulating 12 to 14 points within a two-year period can result in a 60-day license suspension, with longer suspension periods for higher point totals. This system serves as both a deterrent to unsafe driving practices and a means to identify and take corrective action against habitual offenders, ensuring the safety and order of Alabama's roadways. 

At Kesling Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal services and robust defense strategies to address traffic violations, ensuring that our clients fully understand their rights and the potential legal outcomes they may face.

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Common Traffic Violations We’ve Defended

Traffic violations can range in severity, and each type carries distinct penalties. Some common traffic violations in Alabama that we’ve had success defending include: 

  • Speeding: Penalties for speeding can include fines, points on your driving record, and potential suspensions for excessive speeds or repeat offenders. 

  • Reckless driving: A serious offense that can lead to higher fines, more points on your license, and possibly jail time. 

  • Running a red light or stop sign: These violations result in fines and points on your driving record, which can lead to increased insurance premiums. 

  • Driving without a valid license: Penalties can include fines, potential jail time, and difficulties in obtaining a valid license in the future. 

  • Failure to signal: While often considered a minor infraction, repeated offenses can lead to larger fines and points on your license. 

Moving vs. Non-Moving Violations

Moving violations occur when a traffic law is violated by a vehicle in motion. These types of offenses typically have a direct impact on road safety and include actions such as speeding, reckless driving, and failure to yield.  

Because moving violations are seen as more dangerous, they usually carry more severe penalties, including higher fines, points on your driving record, and sometimes even jail time.  

Non-moving violations, on the other hand, usually pertain to infractions that happen when a vehicle is stationary. Common examples include parking violations, such as parking in a no-parking zone or at an expired meter, and equipment violations like having a broken taillight or expired registration.  

Non-moving violations generally result in fines, but they typically do not add points to your driving record. While they may seem less significant than moving violations, failing to resolve non-moving violations can lead to increased penalties and even the impoundment of your vehicle. 

Penalties and Consequences

Traffic violations in Alabama come with various penalties, which can include fines, points on your driving record, increased insurance rates, and even jail time for more severe offenses. 

  • Fines: Fines vary depending on the nature and severity of the violation, ranging from relatively minor amounts for speeding to significant fines for more serious offenses. 

  • Points system: Alabama employs a points system, where accumulating too many points within a specific period can lead to license suspension. 

  • Insurance rates: Traffic violations often result in higher insurance premiums, potentially costing you significantly over time. 

Potential Defense Strategies

Facing traffic violations can be overwhelming, but there are numerous defense strategies that can potentially mitigate or dismiss charges. At Kesling Law Firm, we tailor our defense strategies to the specifics of each case, taking into account the unique circumstances and evidence. 

1. Challenging the Officer's Observations

One of the most common defense strategies is to challenge the observations and conclusions made by the officer. This can involve questioning the officer's vantage point, the accuracy of their speed detection method, or their ability to accurately judge a situation given environmental conditions. 

Example: If you were ticketed for speeding based on the officer's visual estimate, your defense attorney might question the officer's training and ability to accurately estimate speed visually, as well as any potential obstacles that might have impeded their view. 

2. Contesting the Evidence

In some cases, the evidence against you may be insufficient or flawed. A skilled attorney can examine the prosecution's evidence for mistakes, inconsistencies, or a lack of proof. This might involve scrutinizing dashcam footage, questioning the accuracy of radar or lidar devices, or looking for gaps in the chain of custody for critical evidence. 

Example: If you're accused of running a red light, your lawyer might examine traffic camera footage to determine if the light was indeed red at the time you crossed the intersection or if there were malfunctioning traffic signals. 

3. The Necessity Defense

The necessity defense can be employed if you violated a traffic law to avoid a greater harm or emergency situation. This strategy hinges on proving that your actions were justified and that the harm you sought to avoid was immediate and significant. 

Example: Suppose you were cited for reckless driving because you had to speed to the hospital due to a medical emergency. Your attorney could argue that your actions were necessary to avoid a greater harm, thereby justifying your temporary lapse in legal compliance. 

4. Procedural Errors

Sometimes, procedural errors made by law enforcement or during the legal process can work in your favor. This might include mishandling of evidence, failure to follow proper protocol, or violations of your legal rights during questioning or arrest. 

Example: If you were stopped and ticketed without the officer informing you of your rights, your attorney could argue that your rights were violated, potentially leading to a dismissal of the charges against you. 

5. Mistake of Fact 

In some cases, a mistake of fact can lead to a traffic violation. This defense strategy involves proving that there was a legitimate misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the law or situation. 

Example: Suppose you were cited for turning left at an intersection where it was prohibited. However, the sign prohibiting left turns had been knocked down and removed by accident. Your lawyer could argue that your actions were based on a reasonable mistake of fact and request that the charges be dropped. 

Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Serving Baldwin County, Alabama 

You don't have to navigate traffic ticket charges alone. Kesling Law Firm is here to advocate for you, provide informed legal representation, and vigorously defend your rights. Our attorney has over 17 years of legal experience in advocating for traffic violation clients across Baldwin County, including Mobile Bayway, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Malbis, Loxley, and the Alabama Gulf Coast. Contact us today to discuss your case.